Sunday, 25 November 2012

Kettlenetics; what a creation!!!

I have always loved using the kettlebells at bootcamp and I always feel like I have had the best workout but when I try to do it at home and make my own routine, I quickly run out of ideas. Then, along came "Kettlenetics; Slim and Tone".

Lead by Michelle Khai,  a fitness fanatic, former professional dancer and celebrity trainer, you are pushed through dance based workouts with a light weight kbell (4lbs, just under 2kgs). There are several DVD's which lead you through stretches, warm up and down and teach you the moves before leading you through a routine.

The moves are fun yet give you a good workout and Michelle is a great trainer. You are taught the correct posture, movements and eventually turn it into a proper workout. After a 20 minute hit, I am wiped! It involves a lot of leg work as most moves are based around squats or lunges but you can feel the full body workout you are getting.

This is a great little add on to a fitness routine you may have and it's something you can do in your own home. I am not usually one to promote items but if you are struggling at home, jump on amazon or eBay and track this down! (The kettlebell usually comes in the pack but be sure to check before if you don't have your own).

Anyway, that is my contribution for tonight, now I better go cook my dinner!

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