Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It begins!!!!

Ok I have to update already to prove that I have started straight away. No putting it off until the new week or until after my night out, it begins right now.

Today's food is simple courtesy of having to drive my family to the airport early in the morning. The panic of packing and getting ready last night meant it that if I value my life, I avoid the kitchen.

Breakfast was simple, two Weet-Bix in skim milk.

Snack in the morning was 3 Arnotts milk arrowroot biscuits (not the best, I know, but better than other options I had!) which managed to tide me over until.... now!

A salad for lunch is about to be demolished, but it is really my fruit salad for my afternoon snack that I am hanging out for.

A quick shop on my way home from work will top up the pantry and let me make something wicked for dinner.... stay tuned!

Fruit salad time! Yummo!  Been looking out for this all day (largely because of the natural sugars giving me a substitute for my normal afternoon chocolate!)

Dinner tonight was stuffed eggplant (mince, onion, mushrooms, breadcrumbs, cheese) with baked veggies (pepper & paprika coated). Delicious and much healthier than what I usually have!

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